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The impressive Monastery of Panachrantos was built in the 10th century by the Byzantine emperor Nikiforos Fokas, who ruled the Eastern Roman Empire between 963 and 969. The Byzantine emperor waged a war on Crete and legend has it that two monks on Andros would pray for his victory in exchange for financial help. After the emperor had won the war he fulfilled his promise and built the monastery.

The Monastery of Panachrantosis located high in the mountains (at an altitude of 750 meters) in the south of Andros and it has exceptional views over the landscape, Andros Chora and the sea. It is surrounded by strong walls and it appears like a Byzantine fortress. In the small church of the monastery there are beautiful 18th century wallpaintings.

According to tradition, the monastery was built in a place shown by the icon of the Holy Mother (Panachrantos). The icon is still kept at the monastery on a stand next to the southern door to the altar of the main church of the monastery. This monastery also possesses the relic skull of the martyr Agios Panteleimon. The relic and an icon of Panteleimon stand next the Panachrantos and are the pride of the monastery as well as the island of Andros. On the picture left the relic and the icon of Agios Panteleimon.

According to tradition, the monastery was built in a place shown by the icon of the Holy Mother.

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