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Hiking tours

Our team offers a wide range of hiking tours that cover the entire hiking network. You have the choice to walk either a specific route of the Andros Route hiking network, or choose one of the carefully designed hiking tours based on your interest, fitness level and available time.

These hiking tours are ideal for those who want to have a mild outdoor adventure, experience a hiking tour through the eyes and the storytelling of local guides and explore the nature of the island.

Email us or call us to customize your hiking day tour!

Easy: walking with no obstacles and low grades (4-6 km)
Intermediate: 10% grade, small rocks and roots, easy scrambling (4 - 10 km)
Difficult: 15% grade, distance, large obstacles, possible scrambling or climbing (4-15 km)
Extremely Difficult: 20% grade, distance 15+" obstacles, many harder sections (4-20 km)

6hrs - 55€

Hiking Tour to Palaiopoli Waterfalls and Pitrofos

On this hiking adventure visit the Olive Oil Museum and lunch with local dishes. Discover the history, the nature and the tradition of Andros. Starts from Batsi

4hrs - 40€

Hiking Tour at the watermills and the valley of Frousseoi

A half day hiking tour exploring the very green scenery of the area and swimming at Zorgos Beach. Starts ends at Froussei.

5hrs - 40€

Hiking Tour Dipotamata Valley & Upper Castle

Walk through the breathtaking countryside, the watermills and the medieval Upper Castle and end your hiking tour in Korthi Bay.

4hrs - 40€

Hiking Tour from the valley of Froussei to Gavrio

Experience a hiking adventure on a long route from the very green valley of Froussei to the main port, Gavrio

4hrs - 40€

Hiking Tour to the naval tradition and architecture

Experience the diverse architecture of the island as you hike through verdant landscapes and plentiful water springs. Chora, circular walk.

4hrs - 35€

Hiking Tour through mountain ranges and verdant ravines

A half day hiking tour through a very diverse landscape, from the fertile and mountainous Arni to the cosmopolitan Batsi.

5,5hrs - 40€

Hiking Tour from the Mountain to the Sea

A hiking route with impressively lush vegetation starting from the mountainous Arni ends at Ateni Beach.

5,5hrs - 35€

Hiking Tour from Gavrio to Batsi

Experience a varied scenery, visit the Hellenistic Tower of St. Peter and the impressive castle-monastery of “Agia”, with splendid view to the sea

6hrs - 45€

Hiking Tour crossing Gerakonas Mountain

Combine a visit to “Foros” cave and to "Panachrados" with a challenging hike through the mountain. Starts at Aladinou Village, finishes in the city. 

5hrs - 35€

Hiking Tour to Panachrados Monastery

Enjoy a day of hiking from the springs of Menites to the mountain and finish in the city. Visit a living historical and architectural monument.

6hrs - 45€

Hiking Tour from East to West

Enjoy a scenic hike from the Castle-Monastery Panachrados to Zagora Ancient Settlement. Swim at Chalkolimnionas Beach.

6hrs - 45€

Hiking Tour to Achla Beach

Discover one of the most amazing routes of the hiking network and end your hiking tour at the important wetland of Achla

4hrs - 40€

Hiking Tour from Apoikia to Chora

Enjoy a perfect escape through a hiking route and discover Andros nature and history. Pythara Waterfalls!

Sightseeing tours

There are so many benefits to letting someone else take on all the details that come with having the ideal day trip. With a local driver-guide, his profound knowledge of the sights and secrets of the island and some good story-telling, you will learn more about Andros, than on your own!
The drivers-guides will give you information on the history, culture, tradition and current affairs of the island, while you will have the opportunity to visit the most important attractions, monuments and monasteries, museums and we will have enough time to have lunch.

Travel safely with the 8 seats mini van or 17 seats mini bus and get the real insight on the places you cross.

6hrs - 40€

Andros Town Sightseeing Tour

There is no better way to explore the island! Experience the real Andros with all its charm, sights, villages, and friendly people.

6hrs - 40€

Batsi Town Sightseeing Tour

Spend your day on this impressive tour and explore Andros from a different perspective.

5hrs - 40€

Monasteries Sightseeing Tour

Visit the monasteries of Andros and discover the spiritual corners of the island

6hrs -45€

Off the Beaten Track Tour

Discover the hidden gems on a hopping tour to the southern part of the island and explore the authentic Andros.

3hrs -35€

Cyclades Olive oil Museum & Cave «Foros»

Don’t leave Andros without enjoying an aesthetic spectacle and a living museum and get the most of your holidays.

Boat trips

Enjoy a boat trip exploring beautiful destinations and crystal blue waters. We offer you a few options so you will choose the one that is made for you.

Our crew and their boat will take you safely to various secluded beaches.

With a lot of stops for swimming, some fruits and refreshments these boat excursions give you the opportunity to explore the island by sea in the most relaxing way.

4hrs - 50€

Day cruise to Gavrionissia Islets

The best way to explore the magical coastline and the nearby islets.

2hrs - 20€

Evening boat trip to Palaiopoli

Enjoy a short cruise from Batsi to the nearby beaches, Koutsi or Green Beach

2hrs - 30€

Sunset cruise to Gavrionissia Islets

Experience the golden afternoon light with an enchanting sunset boat trip.

Body & mind

1hr - 60€

Facial Treatments

Offer yourself a rejuvenating facial therapy treatment

1,5hrs - 15€

Hatha Yoga Classes

Join our weekly sessions and regain balance between mind and body during a hatha yoga class

1,5hrs - 15€

Qigong & Taichi Classes

Join our weekly schedule and practice your body and mind. A fantastic opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, meet like-minded people.

1-1,5hrs - from 60€

Holistic Treatments

Pamper yourself with a variety of your choice rejuvanatic massages.

Other Activities

3hrs - 35€

Cooking Class - Eat and cook like a local!

Enjoy a cooking class with lunch included and learn the secrets of the Mediterranean cooking traditions.

Scuba Dive in Andros
One dive from 60€

Andros Scuba Dive Experience

Make the most of your holidays on Andros and discover the underwater world of the island!

Off Road 4x4 adventure in Andros
6hrs - 65€

Off Road Trip

Live an off-road experience with an amount of hiking and discover the hidden landscapes and villages of Andros

2hrs - 30€

Water Sports

Windsurfing and SUP are popular activities in Andros. If you want to learn to windsurf or SUP enjoy the spots here

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