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Reconnect body and spirit

Hatha Yoga Classes

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See your body and soul as one!

An expert instructor will guide you during this 1-hour and half lesson, teaching you all the fundamental techniques of yoga and meditation. Breathe in, breathe out, relax!

Our sessions take place in a peaceful, tranquil and green plot, located in Livadia , Andros Town.

If you wish to learn and practice yoga at home or your hotel, please contact us.

Hatha yoga is a broad term describing the physical practices of yoga. It is the yoga of the body and refers to a system of physical techniques that are generally understood as aiding yoga’s broader aim – that of liberation.

These practices are designed to cleanse, harmonize and prepare the body in order to still and go beyond the mind. But even if one is not interested in diving into the deeper realms of meditation, the practices remain of great value. In the words of Vanda Scaravelli…“Practice transforms us…A different life begins and the body expresses a happiness never felt before”.   

The physical practices of yoga have been well proven to have significant benefits on the dynamically interrelated body and mind. The practices encourage blood flow and the circulation of energy through the body in a calm and peaceful way therefore benefiting and balancing the functioning of all bodily systems (circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, endocrine system).  Other related benefits worth mentioning include: improving posture, removing muscular tension, reducing stress and anxiety, balancing emotions, calming and focusing the mind. As is well known, the breath reflects one’s mental state. So as one removes tension and frees the breath, the breath becomes steady and calm. So does the mind. And vice versa!

Yoga can actually help us live a more meaningful and happier life, experiencing a deeper connection with all that surrounds us.

Although the vast majority of forms of yoga practiced nowadays in the West are by definition Hatha Yoga since they focus on the body, one will find a multitude of yoga styles being taught under as many names. The many different styles that are on offer can create confusion as to what one can expect from a yoga class (not to mention confusion as to why one wants to practice yoga!).

These Hatha yoga classes include postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and at times meditation according to the level of the practitioners. The rhythm is quiet and includes pauses and rest so that one can listen and become fully aware of each experience.  Lightness, effortlessness and presence are our guiding principles. Cultivating a sense of inner silence and freedom is our aspiration.

Instructor: Caroline Cunliffe

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  • Duration:

    1 hour

  • Persons:

    2 - 10

  • When:


  • Location:


  • Starting time:


  • Pick up/Drop off:

    Upon request

  • Details:

    For guests from other parts of the island, pick up from their accommodation upon request


1 hour hatha yoga  lesson

Learn from an expert instructor

Sequence of stretches & poses to exercise the body

Practice in a serene atmosphere under the trees


One hour and a half Hatha Yoga Session

Qualified instructor


A refreshing fresh lemon juice



Know before you go:

  • Suitable for absolute beginners to hatha yoga as well as the more experienced. no experience is necessary.

  • Children allowed over 12 years old

  • You do not need previous yoga experience

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