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We are a network of naturalist people who live and work on Andros, with deep knowledge of the island and ready to share their expertise and promote responsible eco-tourism!
We organize holidays on Andros, offering carefully designed themed tours or even tailor-made tours to fulfil any wish for the ideal vacation. Specially designed guided or self-guided tours for people who want a different kind of experiences, through their favourite activity.

Since 2012, provide exciting, adventurous and sensitively run holidays by enriching the holiday offers with eco-friendly and creative activities such as hiking tours of several interest, climbing and rappel mild adventures, mountain bike tours, 4x4 off road trips, water sports, scuba diving, snorkeling adventure trips, culinary experiences with cooking classes of the local cuisine, workshops with an holistic aspect such as Taichi Chuan or Yoga lessons, expressive arts, kid’s activities and much more.
With highly skilled associates and knowledgeable guides, we aim to reveal and promote Andros' special characteristics and beauty.

We welcome you on Andros!

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Ariana Masselou

After many years of experience in the cinema industry as a successful marketer, my love for the nature and the art of taiji (study since 2000) overcame, and I moved to a small rural village in Andros, the greenest Cycladic island, with its magic energy! Since 2008, my way of life is changing as I am getting familiar with the power of the nature, understanding the meaning of staying "rooted" and grounded.
As hiking was my hobby since I was studied in France, I explored and still exploring inch by inch the andriotic land, wandering the old routes, discovering and "feeling" this peculiar and diverse landscape, reading about the history and the culture through books and getting closer to the locals. I let myself in the practice of Taiji and Qigong, these Chinese arts that beseem so much with the natural way of life.

In 2011 with some friends with the same approach towards life, we decided to make up a team that would introduce the "alternative" Andros to travelers each one of us sharing his knowledge and practices.

My aim is to offer sustainable and responsible tourism services, with activities that animate and enrich with new experiences the mind, body and soul of the visitor!

I speak French, English, I worship the God Sun, and I live with 11 cats.....

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished Lao Tzu

Alex Karadimos

Alex was born and raised in a village of Andros until his teenage years where he moved to Athens and later to Holland for studies on geology and music. Growing up surrounded by sea and mountains he was involved in different athletics such as skiing, climbing, mountaineering, running.

As a musician he is participating in the local scene of Athens playing guitar and composing strange music and sounds for dance and theater.

He holds certification from Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing, has numerous ascents on mountains in Greece and Europe and is impassioned to convey his experience on nature through guiding.

He speaks Greek and English.

Costas Folinas

I was born in Athens in 1964. At a young age we returned with my parents in Andros which is my mother’s birth place, in Andros and near my agricultural family i learned to work with nature and the animals but most of all i learned to love this place and its diverse and mysterious nature. As a restless spirit i let the small community of the island and i went to live for two years in Edinburgh of Scotland working in a variety of eating establishments. From 1994 to 2000 i was coming and going between the island of Andros and the world until 2001 when i got permanently established on the island. I love to guide people on Andros hiking trails with some “taste” of adventure. Rescue Training.

Angela Strati

I was born in Athens, raised in Andros, studied photography and translation in Athens and worked there for many years in several different positions. The city-living ended for me in 2009, when I resigned my job and settled in Andros to start working as a photographer. Except for photography, I was always fond of guiding people around the island. So, for the last couple of years I worked as a guide in a museum-monastery in Andros.

I speak English, Italian and a little Spanish, except for Greek of course! I love learning new languages, meeting new cultures and people from around the world.

I love travelling, nature, cats, theatre (as an amateur actress), radio (as a radio producer), singing and music!

Venita Kyriazidi

I was born and grew up in Athens, and studied Politics and Sociology in London and Oxford. After working in my field of study for about fifteen years, I moved to the island of Andros where I have been living since 2001, seeking a more holistic and natural way of life. My interest in natural therapy began about 20 years ago, when I took my first Reiki Degree. I have since studied various massage techniques, including Holistic, Thai and Hot Stone Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Guasha, as well as Aromatherapy.

Caroline Cunliffe

I begun practising yoga in 1999 as I was drawn to the wisdom teachings of the East. Although I was working in the area of human rights and felt committed to this work, I was experiencing an ever growing sense of inner relief and freedom through yoga and my travels to India. I very naturally transferred all my energy into the practice. In the hope of benefiting others, I decided to share my understanding of the teachings, which were proving to be of such great benefit to me. I begun teaching in 2008 and ran a quiet yoga studio in the center of Athens for 7 years.

I am very grateful for all the wise beings that have guided me – and continue to do so - along my path. I feel privileged to have studied with many wonderful teachers including Venkatesh, Richard Freeman, Sarah Powers, Nicky Knoff, Emil Wendel, Angela Farmer, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Paddy McGrath, and Diane Long, to whom I have been most committed during the past 10 years. My asana practice has grown in depth particularly through the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, as taught by Diane Long. I have learnt to work in a more receptive way, listening to the wisdom of the body rather than imposing my will on the body - Practising with attention and ease, removing tension while creating more space in the body and mind. This is the practice that I like to share with others.

But beyond the asana, it is through my time spent in India, in combination with the meditation retreats that I have sat through, that I feel I have been granted a tiny glimpse of the essence of yoga. My meditation practice has mostly revolved around the Theravada Buddhist teachings, while enjoying the gentleness and simplicity of the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. In the last years, my spiritual journey has led me to Chandra Swami Udasin, opening up a more heartfelt connection with Oneness…

At present, my main teacher is my young son, who continuously brings me back to the present moment demanding my full and patient attention.

I have recently moved to Andros with my partner and son with a desire to live and breath in nature.

Eva Koukoutsi

Born in Thessaloniki.

Studied Shiatsu and Rejuvance at the European School of Shiatsu-E.S.S (currently called OM),
Acupuncture with Vita Revelli and Aesthetic Acupuncture with Virginia Doran and Radha Thambirajah.

Masters Seminars:

  • E.S.S.: teachers training
  • Cliff Andrews, Pauline Sasaki, Zhong Qianwei
  • University of Chengdu, China

Teaching: Shiatsu, Rejuvance, Acupuncture

Translation of seminars, lectures:

  • E.S.S, Giovanni Maciocia, Mark Gessler, 2nd International Conference P.K.I
  • Translating Dr. Radha Thambirajah seminars in cooperation with I.T.M.E since 2011.

Katerina Remoundou

The sole creator and owner of Zozef, proudly maintains that every single culinary ingredient that reaches her kitchen bench is 100% pure and, a 100% Greek. Not because of an over-ambitious chauvinism – Katerina is a well cultured and well travelled woman, who turned her back at a longtime career in the media to return to her homeland and recreate her grandad's (Zozef) traditional café.

It is more that she loves the land, knows it well and knows how to handle its products in order to create fully nutritious, superbly healthy and gloriously tasty dishes.

Homemade bread, local cheeses, organically grown veggies, fish from around the coast and meat from nearby farms, extra virgin olive oil, juicy citrus with fresh herbs from its garden, these make up Zozef's basic cooking materials.

What they turn to each day, is up to the owner's feeling, mood and imagination. The first two besides, are something visitors get a lot of – and by that we mean Katerina's unpretentious and cordial address to anyone entering her premises, be it a close friend, a total stranger or just a neighbor.

Alexandros Kostis

After studies on musical instrument making and music technology, he trained in various physical practices, such as Capoeira, Tensegrity, Qi Qong. These practices led him in 2009 to study the art of massage. He has completed many hours of apprenticeship in Thailand and Greece on Thai, Lymphatic Drainage and Abdominal Massage, Biodynamic Craniosacral and he has received basic training in Chinese Medicine..

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