Thanassis Karpouzis

I was born in Athens on the 7th of July 1978, but I am from Andros and I have been living here permanently the last 6 years. Both my parents are from Andros, my father from the village Piso Meria and my mother from the village Giannisaio. Because of the origin of my parents, we would always spent our summers on Andros, and this is where I had my first contact with the music and the dances of the region.
I began learning how to dance the local dances in 1990 with the teacher Maroulio Politou at the dancing class of the “Association of Andriots, Korthion” that was only just starting to run this class. As part of the revival of Andros traditions in dancing and music, the Association was also offering music lessons so me and my brother immediately started studying violin and lute with the teacher Vassili Giannisi.
Later, again in the same Association, my brother began searching for old Andros dances through a research he performed on elder dancers, but on 1998 I took over his research and at the same time started teaching the dancing class of the Association. During my teaching time, the dances of Andros where presented at various events and broadcasts on television.
From 2007 onwards I also started teaching Andros dances for the dancing department of the “Association of Women of Andros”, located in Andros Town, until 2013, when I had a serious leg injury that forced me to retire. While I was teaching this dancing team, the dances of Andros where again presented in various shows and events. A few examples: at the Dora Stratou Theatre “Emmelia” (2008-2010) and on the Greek National Television (ET3) shows "The place and it’s singing" & "Greek Events”.
Since I started teaching Andros dances, I have been invited from the dance club "Momogeri", the dancing team of the Municipality of Kallithea, the dance club "Bacchae", the dance club “Stesichorus” and the dance group of the University of Athens. I have also taught a dance seminar in the village Konitsa of Epirus in June 2010, a seminar of the “Centre for Research and Promotion of National Music, Simon Karas” 2014, and at the dancing seminar "Folk 2015" in Montreal, Canada in May 2015.
I play the following musical instruments: lute, (Greek) Santuri, Sabuna, Gaida (Bagpipe) and Toubi (percussion) and I also fabricate Sabounas, Gaidas and Toubi.
I am currently working on the environmental program LIFE ANDROS to rescue four species of birds of Andros as a Special Protection Zone Administrator. At the same time am into hiking and touring people around the network of the certified paths of the island and I am a founding member of Andros Social Cooperative Enterprise, where amongst other activities we offer traditional dancing classes in the Korthi region of Andros where there was a lack of this activity.

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