• Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Persons: min 4 - max 12
  • Price: 750€
  • Price: 850€

Join us to this walking adventure holiday. Hiking on the ancient paths and trails we will explore the hidden beauties of these two islands, the astonishing nature with mountainous and coastal landscapes with abandoned terraces, old stone bridges, steep rocky cliffs, springs and small gorges. We will discover the very promising flora with its medicinal herbs and of course we will get familiar with the history and culture of the islands.


1st Day: Arrival day and check-in at the Hotel. Welcome drinks and Greek 'mezes' in the evening, first meeting with a little talk about the program

2nd  Day :Hike : Chora - Apikia -Chora Discover the unique nature of the island, walk across the riverbed, visit old castle-houses, stone bridges, watermills, traditional olive presses, impressive old mansions and finally reach one of the island's most important wetlands. Pic nic.  Hiking tour 12 km, walking time around 5hrs.

3d Day : Hike : Chora - Korthi We follow the old highway from Chora to Korthi which was the central agricultural and commercial artery for south-eastern Andros until 1950. Explore the most important structures in Dipotamata gorge, the watermills, constituting the basis of an open air eco-musuem!! Passing through the picturesque village of Kochylou we arrive at Korthi Village. Lunch .Hiking tour of 11klm walking time around 4,5hrs

4th day : Hike : Korthi - Panachrados Monastery. Following the old cobbled path, with several steps, through the picturesque villages of Lardia, Giannissaio, Vouni and with splendid views to the archipelago, we will walk up the mountain of Gerakona to reach the imposing castle monastery Panachrados. a living historical and architectural monument (wooden carved templon 18th c, library etc). Rest and pic nic at the yard. Hiking tour of 7 km , walking time around 3,5hrs.

5th day : Today we leave Andros to Tinos. Transfer to the port for the morning ferry boat. Arrival on Tinos. Transfer to your accommodation. 

6th day : Hike : Chora - Ktikados - Chatzirados - Kambos - Tarampados - Kionia - Chora The day is devoted to discovering the picturesque villages and dovecotes of Tinos. Following the paved paths (kalderimia), we will visit the old villages of Ktikados, Xatzirados and Tarabados, the heart of traditional dovecote architecture and we will reach the Kiona bay Hiking tour 13km, walking time arouond 4,5 hrs.

7th day Hike : Hora - Xobourgo - Koumaros - Volax - Falatados We go up to Xobourgo the old Byzantine fort of the island via an old paved path. The view of the Aegean is remarkable. We continue walking down to Volax, an isolated, small, sparkling white village in the middle of a plateau surrounded by hills of round granite blocks and we return on to the village named Falatados the second biggest settlement in the island, the imposing Cathedral and the famous House of Scetch. Hiking Tour of 10 km , walking time around 4 hrs.

8th day : Departure Day 

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