Hike & 4x4 off road Adventure Day (Trail 1)

  • Time: 3hrs
  • Distance: 45klm drive
  • Difficulty: patousa
  • Persons: min 3 - max 9
  • Price: 75€ p/p (min 3)


We start in our 4-wheel drive vehicle from Batsi or Gavrio and head towards the mill village of Froussei. We walk along a ravine of unparalleled beauty, between Ammolochos and Palaistos and see the derelict water mills with the houses that were still open half-way through the 20th century, all together comprising the unique mill village in Andros that served the villages in the area around it.
We continue for our swim at the Zorgos beach, which is at the edge of one of the island’s wetlands and we rest with a light picnic. Our trip continues on 4 wheels on an off-road course along fairly even dirt roads crossing the mountainous region of Northern Andros and stopping for a refreshing dip at one of the dozens of beaches situated at the bottom of steep cliffs that we meet on the way.
Before w turn back the option of a generous and flavorful meal at Kossis Farm awaits those who would wish to try it.

Notes: At the starting of the trip a short explanation will be given. Each jeep carries up to 3 passengers and the driver and is equipped with water, snacks, a map of the island and first aids. The tour is guided and every jeep has a lead driver. Guests wishing to drive themselves need to carry a valid full driving license

Advice: Wear comfortable clothes. Bring your camera, a hat, beach towel and swimming gear.


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