• Duration: 8 days / 7nights
  • Persons: min 6 - max 12
  • Price: from 750€ p/p

Cooking on an Aegean island!

The starting point will be the generous Greek Land and Sea, the luggage your emancipation from everything you knew until now and the creative spirit and your destination an amazing, nutritious, healthy, colorful meal...

By this holiday offer we invite you to cook, learn, laugh, feel and travel with us to become back in your country a proud sharer of our food and cultural tradition!

Whether a sophisticated foodie or just a cooking enthusiast, this culinary detour in Andros is certainly yours to discover!

Cooking Workshop by Katerina Remoundou


Day 1

Xenios Zeus: Greek hospitality

Arrival day and check-in at the hotel. Welcome drinks and Greek "mezes". Briefing about the itinerary and introduction to the basic principles of the recipes that we will cook together. Light dinner in the hotel's garden.

Day 2

Mother Earth : Simple pure flavors with minimal human intervention

The morning is free for you to relax or explore the area. Meet at 17.00 for our first cooking class and dinner in the hotel's garden. Cooking Lesson 1 - Menu: Introduction to Greek vegetables and herbs. Frumenty soup (Trahana), salad, zucchinis with yogurt sauce, pies with vegetable kebabs.

Day 3

Greek Olive Oil: Longevity and wellness

After breakfast we will visit the Olive Oil Museum. Then back to the hotel for our cooking class and lunch. Cooking Lesson 2 - Menu: Salad with boiled vegetables wrapped in the taste and color of pure olive oil, rustic bread with herbs, olive pate, fresh green beans, baked vegetables (Briam), and semolina halva with nuts for dessert.

Day 4

A walk in the countryside: Local dishes

After breakfast we will take a short hike. Evening cooking class and dinner in the hotel's garden. Cooking Lesson 3 - Menu: Spinach salad, oven roasted pumpkin, red peppers stuffed with local cheeses accompanied by meatballs, stuffed vegetables with various grains, pine nuts and raisins Coq au vin with pasta (famous local dish) and local almond sweets.

Day 5

A day in the countryside: From milking to ...cheese!

After breakfast we will go to the sheepfolds of Giannisseo to take part in the production of cheese. The cooking class will take part outdoors and lunch under the shade of trees. Cooking Lesson 4 - Menu: Spicy cheese salad, cheese pies, fried cheese, meatballs with cheese, goat stuffed with herbs and cheese cooked in a clay pot in the oven, oven - baked vegetables, vine leaves stuffed with rice and for dessert yogurt with honey and walnuts, and local sweets (Pasteli).

Day 6

Delicious seaside adventure: Seafood

After breakfast we will go to the land fields of Korthi. There we will collect herbs, like oregano, capers or sea fennel and we will learn how to dry and store them. Return to a Greek tavern to have lunch using the collected herbs in fresh salads. Cooking Lesson 5 - Menu: Fresh green salad, potato salad with tuna spices and herbs, boiled greens, fish roe salad, grilled octopus in vinegar, fried shrimp with feta cheese, marinated anchovies, rice with seafood, cod with garlic, spaghetti with octopus, cuttlefish with spinach, squid stuffed with rice (fish menu depends on the weather!!!) and for dessert walnut cake and donuts.

Day 7

Simplicity and sweetness: Fruits and sugar

After breakfast, we will go to a nearby country site to collect fruit. Our cooking session today will be on learning how to prepare the famous Greek "spoon sweets". Then today it's your turn to cook! Pick one of your favorite dishes presented, go to the local market to get necessary ingredients and prepare the menu for our last dinner. Dinner Party!

Day 8

Departure Day

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