• Duration: 4hrs
  • Price: from 50€ p/p
  • Persons: min 8 - max 12


A variety of exciting activities bring you in close contact with fascinating aquatic life. At the same time you will feel very relaxed in the calm sea. Snorkeling, diving, birdwatching and a variety of well-organized excursions will bring explorers of all ages to respect and admire marine life. Join us and find out more about the Aegean ecology and older civilizations that inhabited the island.

Get familiar with a relaxing, fulfilling activity. Multiple locations around the island that provide rocky and sandy bottoms with a relative depth of 3 meters or ten feet, will offer a rich underwater landscape and a number of fish. In areas around remote sandy beaches it is common to discover a variety of caves and caverns with an abundance of aquatic life. Bring you underwater camera!

Αfter an exhilarating boat-ride, you have the opportunity to visit some quiet beaches in nearby locations. 

The RIB carries up to 9 passengers, excluding our trusted skipper. The boat is ideal for half day and full day trips.


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