• Duration: 1 hr
  • Persons: min 4 - max 12
  • Price: group session 15€ p.p. (min 4)

Group or private sessions take place in Batsi in a private place. If you wish to learn and practice the art at home or your hotel, please contact us.


The term Ashtanga Yoga was first used by the sage Patanjali, in his treatise, The Yoga Sutras, written over 2000 years ago. It is a philosophical system combining a series of external and internal principles with the final goal being the revelation of the true self.

The 8 limbs are: 1)Yamas: Moral disciplines concerning our attitude towards our environment, 2) Niyamas: Disciplines concerning our attitude towards our selves, 3)Asana: The physical practice, 4) Pranayama: The practice of breathing exercises for the development of vital energy or prana, 5) Pratyahara: The withdrawal of the mind and the senses, 6) Dharana: Concentration, 7) Dyana: Meditation and 8)Samadhi: Enlightment. Samadhi is the culmination of Ashtanga Yoga. It is described as a state of absorption of consciousness in the self. A state of bliss stemming from the revelation of our true nature, the true self.
Physical practice or asana is one of the limbs of this system, and is used as a means for the purification of the body. The aim of physical practice is the good condition of the body so that it is free from disease and is not an obstacle to the evolution of the mind. It is also used as a step towards the control of the mind through the control of the body.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a system of physical practice combining postures of classical yoga with the control of the breath and dynamic movements linking each posture to the other. It is based on a set sequence of flowing postures connecting breath with movement. The sequence is designed to develop strength and endurance as well as to improve flexibility. The intense physical activity and dynamic rhythm of the practice leads to the creation of heat (sweat) through which the body is purified. It consists of six series of some 40 postures each: the first or primary series, the second or intermediate series and the third or advanced series which is broken into 4 levels A, B, C and D.
• The first series is called Yoga chikitsa (yoga therapy). It works on alignment, particularly of the muscles and joints of the body.
•The second series is called Nadi sodhana (purification of the subtle channels).It works on harmonizing body and mind by fortifying the nervous system.
• The advanced levels develop and intensify vital energy (prãna).

Teacher : Sofia Skourti

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