Hiking Tour Pythara Waterfalls

  • Time: 2,5 hrs
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Difficulty: patousa
  • Persons: min 2
  • Price: 40€ (min 2 persons)


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Get Familiar with Andros’ naval tradition. Explore Pythara Waterfalls


Experience the most

This Half Day Hiking Tour is one of the best ways to get familiar with the rich naval tradition and history of the island, while you walk through picturesque settlements of Cycladic minimalism and neoclassical nobility. Experience the unique nature of the island as you hike through verdant landscapes and plentiful water springs.
The hike starts from Chora, following the coast of Neiborio and continues via the narrow uphill path to Gialia Beach, where the river forms a unique natural environment. The route crosses the riverbed and after a while the path leads up to “Fabrica” Ebeirikos Watermill, an interesting derelict factory, which gave life to the area before the second world war, producing pasta using a large watermill, and later a mechanized steam mill. The footpath follows the river, crosses the Leontos bridge and after a few challenging uphill steps we arrive at the impressive Bistis-Mouvelas Tower, dated from the 17th century, in Stenies Village.
Our hike follows a stepped path, across lush landscapes of oaks, olive and walnut trees, along the river, to reach  Apikia Village and the famous Sariza Spring. We continue hiking, this time to Pythara waterfalls, where we will stop for a while to rest and relax with the sound of the water. For our way back, this time we will descend via a different excellent cobbled path and we will enjoy the magnificent view to the capital city, the Venetian Castle and the Lighthouse “Tourlitis’

Wetland at Giala Beach
The “Fabrica , Ebeirikos watermill
The stone bridge “Leontos” (Lion’s)
The Bistis-Mouvelas Tower
The Agadaki’s Tower (Apatouria)
Pythara Waterfall
Sariza Spring
The villages Stenies, Apikia

Necessary: long trousers, appropriate shoes and socks, hat and sunscreen.
The prices vary depending on the route, the number of participants and the offered services.
Included: hiking guide, snacks, water, walking stics, digital photos and a gpx file map.
NOT included: Transportation to the starting point / pick up from the termination point
Tours start between 07.00-09.00 hrs depending on the season and weather conditions.



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