Hiking Routes

Crossing Gerakonas Mountain to Chora
  • Difficulty: patousapatousa
  • Walking time: 4 hrs
  • Price: 40€ / person

Crossing Gerakonas Mountain to Chora

Combine a visit to “Foros” cave with a challenging hike through the mountain of Gerakonas to finish in the city.

Hiking Tour from Frousseoi to Gavrio
  • Difficulty: patousapatousapatousapatousa
  • Walking time: 5 hrs
  • Price: 40€ / person

Hiking Tour from Frousseoi to Gavrio

Experience a soft hiking adventure on a long route from the very green valley of Frousseoi to the main port, Gavrio.

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patousa Easy : Distance 2-5km. Terrain A: flat or very gentle rolling terrain Elevation Gain : 0-250m

patousapatousaModerate : 2-8km Terrain B: Moderately uphill rough terrain Elevation Gain 0-500m

 patousapatousapatousaDifficult : 2-15 km or more, Terrain C : Steep uphills/downhills, scramble possible Elevation Gain 0-1000m

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